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Welcome to the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project Lessons Learned online resource.

In 2006 no-one expected to have worked as hard, to have achieved as much, or learned as much as the many people who have been involved in delivering Queensland’s first light rail system. When operational in 2014, the $1 billion Gold Coast Rapid Transit (GCRT) project will deliver a modern integrated, light rail system to Australia’s sixth largest city, transporting up to 50 000 passengers a day.

There were many break through moments for the project during the planning and procurement phase including:

  • Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Gold Coast City Council for the planning and investigations of a rapid transit system along the coastal corridor.
  • Securing $365 million from the Federal Government of Australia, one of the first projects recommended by Infrastructure Australia
  • Achieving significant savings and benefits for the State Government from a route change through Surfers Paradise from Ferny Avenue to Surfers Paradise Boulevard.
  • Establishing an operator-led delivery model that ensured whole of life considerations.
  • Resolving early conflict with the business community on route choices which led to a long term partnership and understanding of the project.

A number of key ingredients helped to achieve the outcomes to date for the GCRT project:

  • Partnering with all levels of government, the community and city leaders.
  • Seeing and embracing the bigger picture of building a city, not just a transport system.
  • Establishing high quality, robust and comprehensive processes that provided confidence to government and investors.
  • Creating and maintaining a diverse and committed project team with a strong sense of purpose in what they were doing.

GCRT Lessons Learned: Making a good project a great project, is a critical retrospective of Queensland’s first regional public transport project, delivered via a PPP following the Global Financial Crisis. It is intended to be a guide for other major infrastructure projects in the planning phase.

The publication is presented in two parts, an Executive Summary provides a high level overview of the project and the processes adopted during the planning and procurement phase and more detailed Technical Paper which contains an analytical exploration across seven technical areas:

Every project needs to find its own way, as this project has, but there is no need to tread that path alone. It is hoped in bringing together our experiences, stumbles and lessons other project will be able to travel that path more effectively.

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Anna Carroll
Project Director

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